Tapering side window lines are reminiscent of the Ford Focus Wagon. I rarely see this in other cars. by impalamike3800 Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:43 am, Post Follow the repair procedure to address those vehicles that exhibit the condition. Tranny fluid drained, metal in sludge ($200.) by TerribleTim Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:19 pm, Post Pick Up In-Store. Notes: Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid. $98.95 - $105.90. I had this P0741 issue for a long time and I just replaced the TCC solenoid but after driving over 45mph, the light is back. Mar 1, 2018 by Stutters and Stalls- This would be a symptom of the transmission locking when it should not be. It means that the Vibe 's computer has detected that there is an issue with the torque converter clutch (TCC) solenoid circuit. Kyra Winkelman, I was reading your comments and I have the same dilemma: should I replace the torque converter and see if the P0471 error light goes off Do you have an update on this? When it comes to mechanical components, its important to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of the 700R4. Starting msrp listed lowest to highest price. Lock-up piston operation will then be controlled. However, If you have modified your engine to generate more torque than stock, I recommend you consider a more robust transmission such as a 4L80-E, which is rated for up to 440 lb-ft of torque. "ON" DTC P0741 Models: '04 - '05 Corolla (1ZZ-FE) I bout a quart their fluid and topped off and disconnected the battery. RacingJunk.com Is Unleaded Gas Regular Gas? I got it inspected after driving 150 miles and never going over 65. by TerribleTim Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:04 pm, Post This time, it has taken the form of 199,163 Pontiac Vibes that were manufactured between 2005 and 2008. Nonetheless, the job can become effortless by having the required mechanism and cognizance of what is entailed. Is it a serious problem? The situation is that many areas(like here) have annual emission inspections which basically just scan for codes on OBD cars. VIN: 5Y2SL65856Z448630 Stock: P648630 Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 11-13-2022, Located in Northampton, MA / 611 miles away from Lansing, MI. PLEASE READ THIS SECTION! - YES ITS THE SAME CAR AS THE TOYOTA MATRIX, GOOGLE IT! P0740 is one of the most common transmission trouble codes. It is the yellow one in the shape of a T. Get a funnel with a narrow enough tip to fit in. There is a service bulletin out that adress this issue specifically. Thank you. To deal with this trouble begin by verifying the fluid level and then adding more if needed. Its thus wise to think carefully before deciding if this particular transmission system is suitable for your vehicle. The 700R4 can also experience fluid leakage due to a damaged seal or gasket. Need how to replace solenoid. It was the builders in the field picking up after the over paid engineers. If youre planning to install the 700r4 in a car, youll need to make sure that the transmission is physically compatible with the engine and drivetrain of the car. This code alone shouldn't make any difference on your emissions besides the slight mpg drop, but if you live in state that automatically fails you for a check engine light then you can usually just reset it by disconnecting the battery. If that's the case the TCC may not be engaging when it should. Here are some specific benefits of the 700R4 transmission: The 700R4 transmission is unique in its design when compared to other automatics, allowing it to achieve better fuel efficiency while driving at lower RPMs. That total cost for me was another $500. I have the same problem with my 2007 toyota corolla. Top overdrive gear has a direct drive locking feature that kicks in on flat terrain. As the engine spins, the centrifugal force of the torque converter and transmission fluid . RacingJunk, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Maintaining it correctly and installing it cautiously can offer multiple years of trusty use. I just bought a 2005 Corolla le and had the PO741 code on . Thanks for any advice! Inspecting the harness for obvious signs of distress, checking the connection at the transmission itself, and finally a continuity test can go a long way in diagnosing your Vibe. Thanks. oil with OEM toyota Type iv 3 times and the CEL still on once a while. Pearl River , NY. RUNS OUT GREAT TIRES ARE LIKE NEW HAS SUNROOF AND MONSOON AUDIO! I got the code read at autozone it said P0741- Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance or Stuck Off. by jm69749 Tue May 28, 2013 5:11 am, Post later. looks like it is related to the car hitting a big bump violently. Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Transmission Code: A246E; Universal. Hardware Included: No. by gmstarks Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:32 am, Post Probably just turns off the light. However, the check engine light only comes on after I drive more than 30 miles on the highway. Find a store near you and check out our current sales. Pattycakes. @erikgrever. The 700R4 transmission requires some routine maintenance to continue running properly. I believe that after 2 years and 30k miles driving with that light on, driving it between 20-60 mph is starting to get louder, Jul 21, 2018 by maybe the solenoid is not function, Feb 2, 2020 by I have a daughter in Houston that needs this fixed with a 2006 Corolla any good mechanics that can be trusted and fixed in expensively code p 0741 torque converter clutch? code A246E; TCC Lock-Up Solenoid. The Vibe measures 171.9 inches long, stands 62.2 inches tall and has a 102.4-inch wheelbase. @callmeback68714. Posted Yesterday, 12:45 AM Early Access. Leather seating surfaces are optional. Antilock brakes are standard on all-wheel-drive and GT models and optional on the base front-drive Vibe. ($1900.) With all-wheel drive, that engine produces 118 hp and works only with the automatic. They rarely have problems etc. If this doesnt fix the problem, replacing either the faulty solenoids or the damaged pump may be necessary. Thanks man that is what is was. Customer was pleased beyond belief with all that time spent but only paying for fluid. I looked at all the ones from the top and all seemed to be tight, but haven't had time to crawl under it. At worst if the LTC stops locking up completely, your hwy mpg will drop slightly. FWD 1.8L 4-Cylinder VVT-i 29/34 City/Highway MPGPlease contact our Customer Service Center at 8**-4**-5*** for full details of options an VIN: 5Y2SL65806Z400842 Stock: G06932-1 Certified Pre-Owned: No Listed since: 04-16-2023, Located in Estero, FL / 1,139 miles away from Lansing, MI. fair price. I just want to have a car I can drive without sinking thousands of dollars into it. If you want quality have the engineers design, install,rebuild and reinstall what they design otherwise they could care less if it works. I really doubt unplugging the battery does a reset. Have replaced fog lights a couple of times (road debris takes them out). CA RESIDENTS do NOT reset your engine light. Code p0741 tans converter lockup solenoid. Your torque converter transfers power from your engine to your transmission. When the backseat is folded down, cargo space behind the front row totals 54.1 cubic feet. Unless they got a defective rebuild, the problem should go away for at least 100K miles. Yes. Production changes have ocurred to correct this condition. Hooked up inlet line into a 5gallon jug of fresh trans fluid, while the outlet line into an empty 5 gallon hug. If you are looking for a transmission that can give your 1950 Ford 2-Door Custom Sedan with a 4.3L Chevy engine a good overdrive capability, the 700R4 is a good option to consider. Due to the age of the car I decided to just leave it and it has been driving great. Patty, Ghostly Guru Add your vehicle Get an exact fit for your 2006 Pontiac Vibe Year Make Model G6 G6 GTP Grand Prix GTO He Loveswriting about Automotive Diagnostics and Repair, Trouble codes, Buyer guides for various car parts and accessories, and lots more. To repair the leak, you must pinpoint its origin and replace the damaged seal or gasket. 2010 Vibe & member of the yeargarage Email me if you need to talk to me, click my siggy and send the email threw the contact page. by TerribleTim Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:22 am, Post In essence, the TCC solenoid is like a computer controlled on and off switch for your 4l60es torque converter lock up. please email me at destruit11@yahoo.com, Jan 14, 2016 by asoberanis. !2006 PONTIAC VIBE159,993 MilesLoaded! engine light stayed off long enough to get the car smogged, (less than 1 hour) before it came on again. Scott Greene is a seasoned automotive technician for over 5 years and has been deep into advanced automotive diagnostics for a couple of years. I pull the battery cable and the code disappears. I will keep everybody posted if light reappears. Before committing to this transmission, however, it is important to take into account how powerful the engine is and how much the vehicle weighs. Here is some info on P0741: Just had this code come up last nite and researched it. Don't drive too hard. Ive lived through the 200, 700, 325,425,125,axod,atx,440t4 and many many more and could tell you horror stories if you wanted to listen. That is also an AUTOMATIC FAIL! Generally, these are labeled either as 700R4 or 4L60. I still see Vibes on the street, and I totally understand it. Generally recommend soft part overhaul torque converter and sl solenoid most of the time this takes care of the concern however sometimes there are computer issues along with the previous mentioned. I reset light came on 20 min. The torque converter clutch solenoid valve is activated, with the gear in D4, by the Transmission Control Module (TCM) in response to signals sent from the vehicle speed and the Engine Control Module ( ECM ). Posted on 04/25/2023. I always thought disconnecting the negative cable would reset the code? To summarize, the 700R4 transmission offers an array of advantages that make it a desirable choice for those seeking to upgrade their automobiles transmission. Transmission Fluid Colors & What They Mean, Car Wont Move In Drive (Causes & Solutions). The Vibe can seat five occupants; it was developed to yield a spacious interior within a compact frame. Code P0741 Pontiac Description The torque converter clutch solenoid valve is activated, with the gear in D4, by the Transmission Control Module (TCM) in response to signals sent from the vehicle speed and the Engine Control Module ( ECM ). To begin troubleshooting the problem, you should inspect the fluid levels to see if you need to top it off. Standard wheels measure 16 inches in diameter, but 17-inch wheels are available. Many 700R4 transmission units experience delayed gear engagements, meaning it takes longer than usual for the vehicle to switch gears. However, the reason are similar although it could be that the TCC is jammed inside the torque converter so the repair could potentially be more expensive. TREMEC TRANSMISSIONS T5, TKX, T56 MAGMUM - XL, F & PARTS, 10" ALUMINUM NEAL CHANCE RACING TORQUE CONVERTERS, 9" ALUMINUM NEAL CHANCE RACING TORQUE CONVERTER, 4L80E Race Transmission (4x4), Manual Shift with Trans-Brake, 1,000 HP Rated 4L80e Transmission Kit - Complete, 1,500 hp Rated 4L80e Transmission Kit - Complete, BRE Custom, 1,500hp Rated 4L80e from Hughes Performance, JW performance 460 ford to powerglide bellhousing, Sell on I hope to report in the future I made it with no problem. I was thinging a TH799r4 would be a good tranny with overdrive. This is driving me crazy also. Drove car again w a pressure gauge teed into cooler lines. This decreases fuel mileage. Addressing any difficulties related to the 700R4 transmission is of the utmost importance, since disregarding these issues can potentially result in added damage that could translate into hefty expenses. Leather seating surfaces are optional. Before attempting to install the transmission in a vehicle not originally designed for it though, individuals should seek advice from an expert or check reliable online information to ensure their automobile is compatible with the device. When the converter is not locking up you will notice the engines RPMs staying higher under load at highway speeds. When reliability and OE performance is a must, turn to this ATP product designed to provide a precise fit, OE quality, and. . In addition to this, well give useful instructions on how to install plus maintain it correctly whether one decides to restore a vintage car or just wants superior driving conditions with their everyday driver. However, In some cases, You may need to use an adapter to connect the transmission to the rear of the vehicle. The Pontiac Vibe is a Toyota in disguise !! Drove this for a (9.4 mile ) on part highway & local roads. VEHICLE DESCRIPTION 2 KEYS/2 REMOTES, POWER SUNROOF, POWER MIRRORS, POWER LOCKS, POWER WINDOWS, BLUETOOTH, AM/FM RADIO WITH CD PLAYER, AUXILIARY AND U AutoCheck Vehicle History Summary Unavailable. The distinctive roofline has an integrated roof rack. by maximumvibe Sun Nov 15, 2015 5:56 am, 1.8-liter VVTL-i (2ZZ-GE) and VVT-i (1ZZ-FE) engine, transmission, exhaust, intake, and performance tuning discussions. Engine uses NO OIL (Valvoline 5w30) and tranny has given no problems. My new used car shifts jumpier than the Toyota matrix that this code pops up on now and again & major reason why I got a new car cause wondering if the matrix gonna crap out soon.. if your car isn't shifting weird and you have over 150,000 miles prob not worth investing loads into this issue as from what I've seen usually comes back on anyways even sometimes after people get trans completely rebuilt! Jun 7, 2015 by To prevent slippage a lockup clutch is located inside the converter. AND IT WORKED. "If you don't love me at my diddliest, you don't deserve me at my doodliest." At the time, this transmission was groundbreaking because it utilized an overdrive gear which allowed engines to rotate at lower revs while traveling along highways. Started car on lift and ran car thru it's gears until fluid was cleared of grayish fluid. He agreed. I have the same problem too! Chrome tie-downs are installed, and a CD player is standard. SEE, I think it's a 15 pin plug and two wires change on the plug fro 95 to. P0740 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfuction, P0741 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance or Stuck Off, P0742 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Stuck On, P0743 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Electrical, P0744 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Intermittent. My GF's 2003 Sequoia just got the check engine light and also the VSC Trac, VSC off lights all at once. by Newspaperman Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:32 pm, Post Providing world class customer service and reliable auto parts and accessories for over 85 years! Aug 10, 2015 by Did you ever get this looked at? I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla CE with only 80,000 miles. first time was a long time ago, at least a year. Be sure to amass all essential components and materials before you launch into the installation. My wife's car has a similar problem. The solution to my issue was that the transmission fluid was never replaced since it was purchased new. R & R of the Engine Control Module is covered under the Toyota Federal Emissions Warranty. I'm at my wits here and would like to avoid a $3-4K transmission replacement or a job costing over $500 if it was just a simple fix. Price: Alternate: No parts for vehicles in selected markets. EZ Financing for everyone! The TH400 is a well-known heavy-duty 3-speed automatic transmission that was frequently seen in larger vehicles and muscle cars. More power than the others you are looking at and great mileage too. 3. destruit11. Launched back in 1982, the 700R4 provides more efficient fuel use, greater acceleration capabilities, and also boasts a higher horsepower capacity than its predecessors. Premium fuel is recommended for the GT. This is a code for a circuitry problem, not an actual transmission problem. by TerribleTim Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:38 pm, Post Announcements, Site Questions/Discussions, Site Problems, Suggestions, Questions, http://engine-codes.com/p0741_toyota.html. One solid, reliable car. No accidents, 2 Owners, Rental vehicle. Very Clean Pontiac Vibe! My headlights are probably the only feature to truly show the age of the car. how old is jaclyn smith's husband brad allen, northport municipal court pay ticket,
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